"Did you know...you make me so happy that sometimes I actually forget to breathe? I'll be looking at you, and my chest will get so tight...and it's like, the only thought in my head is how much I want to reach over and kiss you."- Alexandra Bracken (Liam Stewart), The Darkest Minds
Maybe Okay will be our Always.
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“It wasn’t like I made his world better. It was like I was his world. It wasn’t some explosion; it wasn’t fireworks. It was a fire, burning slowly from the inside out.” - Kiera Cass (America Singer) The Elite


Name that villain

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why be a fan of severus snape when you can be a fan of regulus black?

Regulus Black who was noble and zealous and believed with all his heart in a cause. Regulus Black who saw his brother slip away from him, the brother who escaped their mother, while he stayed behind. Regulus Black, who was a Seeker and was kind to Kreacher. 

Regulus Black who lost his convictions because he saw the evil Voldemort was willing to do, and do to a house elf of all things. 

Regulus Black who went into that cave, who drank that potion, knowing what it did. Regulus Black who went there to sabotage the most evil wizard who ever lived. Regulus Black who became a rebel. Regulus Black who ordered Kreacher to safety even as he was dragged beneath the water.

Regulus Black who died without his brother ever knowing what he had done. Regulus Black who died without anyone knowing about his sacrifice. (And can you imagine his mother? Waiting for him to come home, only he never does? Her son never comes home.)

Regulus Black who redeemed himself. Regulus Black who was only 18 years old. 

Why would you like anyone else when you could like Regulus Black? 

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“Shailene’s evolving style is growing as rapidly as her unexpected film roles.” - James Aguiar, Modern Luxury fashion director

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone | Iconic Lines

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I watch for the plot, I swear…


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"Breadcrumbs?" "Breadcrumbs."

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Elite’s Girls in childhood.

Soooo Cute!! *—-*

fight the power!

The thought of this being printed by that printer makes this all the better

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GOT Season 4 Challenge - Day 3

Favourite Quote(s)

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